Manual Shades

Manual shades

Beautifully designed, simple to use.

Traditional, manually operated window shading systems make it easy to operate your shades, blinds, or shutters by hand. Investing in manual window shades is a great cost effective choice for covering your windows. Beautifully designed and simple to use, manual window shades are available in a wide variety of fabric options and operating systems.



This revolutionary Hunter Douglas operating system raises and lowers your shade or shading while maintaining a constant length. There are no long, dangling cords to detract from the appearance of your window treatment. Ideal for enhanced child and pet safety.

Featuring one retractable cord, the UltraGlide lift system provides a simple, easy function to raise and lower your window shades. Gently tug on the cord to set the window treatment to the exact position you desire for ultimate light control.

Available on: Honeycomb shades, Roller shades, Roman Shades, Sheers and Shadings, Woven Woods


Perfect for opening and closing larger shades without the hassle of dangling cords. The EasyRise system is a continuous cord loop, specially engineered for smooth, easy operation.

EasyRise continuous cord loop allows you to easily raise, adjust, and lower your shades by simply pulling on the cord. Unlike a standard cordlock, a continuous cord loop returns back to the headrail, creating an endless cord. Pulling the cord one direction raises the shades and pulling it the opposite direction lowers the shades. This system is perfect for large window treatments.

Available on: Honeycomb shades, Sheers & Shadings, Roman Shades, Woven Woods



Cords be gone! Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the LiteRise system, which lets you operate your window treatment by simply pushing up or pulling down on the shade with your hand.

Cordless, Clean, Uncluttered

The LiteRise operating system makes raising and lowering blinds and shades easier than ever. Its proprietary design holds blinds and shades securely in any position—no constant adjusting. Simply push up to raise and pull down to lower. Your blinds and shades stay right where you put them. There are no lift cords for a clean, uncluttered look that is safe for both children and pets.

Available on: Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Woven Woods, Sheers and Shadings, Wood and Metal Blinds

Clutch Operated

For ease and precision, opt for the clutch-operated continuous cord loop that works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to raise or lower the shade.

One of the most important advantages of Hunter Douglas window treatments over traditional soft window coverings is their ease of operation. A continuous beaded cord loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the shade. From the fully opened position, pulling down on the front half of the loop closes the shade. The shade is opened by pulling on the rear of the continuous loop.

Custom Clutch is a clutch-operated continuous cord loop system that features shade-to-shade lift uniformity and minimal light gap that is even on both sides.

Available on: Roller Shades, Woven Woods, Side Panels



For enhanced child and pet safety, a traditional spring-assisted system hidden inside the headrail offers fuss-free, cordless operation for your shades.

The Cordless lifting system, found on Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Designer Screen Shades, is a traditional spring-assist system to raise and lower large shades. It also provides enhanced child and pet safety.

Available On: Roller and Screen Shades

The SaaviShades Difference

Whether you’re in need of privacy, UV protection, or a decorative flare- the SaaviHome team of shade experts has you covered. We’ll lead the way through window measurements, style and fabric selection, installation, programming, and support.