Window Shutters

Shutters are a practical light control solution as they require minimal upkeep.

The last thing you want is to spend hours dusting. Shutters can be kept clean and dust-free with a simple wipe down with a wet cloth. Plus, they are more durable than fabric options as they won’t retain unpleasant odours from smoke or pets.

Shutters may be used for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, providing privacy and security, protecting against weather or unwanted intrusion, and/or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a room.

SaaviHome is pleased to offer window shutters made by Hunter Douglas. With long lasting materials and elevated finishes, shutters can be made for a variety of windows, including specialty shapes and sliding-glass doors.


Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

Perfect for rooms prone to moisture, these UV-resistant shutters are made with a polysatin material that prevents warping, cracking, fading, chipping, and peeling when exposed to intense sunlight and moisture.

SaaviHome recommends shutters to cover windows in bathrooms, showers, and outdoor spaces.


The unique Polysatin compound is resistant to moisture and mildew, so Palm Beach shutters work very well in damp or humid spaces.

Built to Last

Interior aluminum bracing and resin blocks add superior strength.


Palm Beach shutters with PowerView Automation are the only motorized shutter on the market, perfect for hands-free operation of hard to reach windows. An exclusive override feature also allows for manual operation; simply move the louvers by hand without worrying about damaging the motor.

Heritance Hardwood Shutters

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters are crafted from high-quality, genuine hardwood and are available in unlimited color choices and unique finishes.

These wooden shutters are the peak of craftsmanship and made from 100% natural hardwood—either basswood or poplar—and boast everyday beauty and long-term performance.

Customize your own color or choose from more than 35 available finishes.

Key Features

Genuine Hardwood

Heritance shutters are made from rapidly renewable, 100% genuine basswood or poplar hardwood.

Integra Finish

This finish is applied in a multi-coat process to create high luster and long-lasting durability, so the shutters require minimal care.

Superior Craftsmanship

Truemill® dovetail construction is one of the strongest and most structurally sound methods for holding panels together, as components are tightly interlocked. Competitors use alternative methods, such as standard dowel construction, which instead relies on glue.

Endless Color Possibilities

Choose from a selection of paints and stains, or customize your own color to match your existing décor.

Handcrafted Series

This decorative series blends the natural elegance of genuine hardwood with custom artistry. A selection of designer finishing techniques provides new ways to accentuate the inherent character and color of natural wood.

Specialty Shapes

A diverse range of specialty shapes with sunburst or horizontal louvers is available to create the ultimate custom shutter for your home.

New Style Hybrid Shutters

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters combine the natural style of genuine wood with the durability of advanced, man-made materials, and are both practical and beautiful with a range of colors, design styles and configurations to suit any interior.

Hybrid Material

NewStyle shutters are made from a wood composite material co-extruded with a polypropylene coating for a quality product that’s built to last.

Finetech® Finish

NewStyle shutters are made from a wood composite material co-extruded with a polypropylene coating for a quality product that’s built to last.


A grain-like finish mimics the beautiful look of genuine wood.

Quality Construction

Truemill® dovetail construction is a master woodworking technique. This structurally sound method holds panels together by interlocking the components.

Specialty Shapes

NewStyle shutters are available in a wide range of specialty shapes, including arches, angles, circles and more.

The SaaviShades Difference

Whether your windows are in need of privacy, UV protection, or a decorative flare- the SaaviHome team of shade experts has you covered. SaaviHome will lead the way through window measurements, style and fabric selection, installation, programming, and support.