Palladiom Wire Free Shades

Palladiom wire free shades

The ‘Little Black Dress’ of Window Treatments

SaaviHome is proud of offer Lutron Palladiom Wire Free Shades, the newest and most innovative window covering on the market. Palladiom Roller Shades are in a class by themselves. Sophisticated and sleek, Palladiom is a finely crafted exposed bracket system with the most quiet performing motor in the industry. Why hide technology, when you can feature it?!


The new Lutron Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System is a beautiful, exposed automated roller shade with a minimal profile that is completely wire-free. No wiring needs allows for SaaviHome to offer Lutron Palladiom Shades to any home or space for ultimate daylight control.

Palladiom Wire Free Roller Shades are a battery-operated automated window shading system that look beautiful from every angle. They are designed to be the star of the show, no need to cover with fascia or hide in a pocket. With 7 gorgeous architectural finishes and hundreds of fabrics to choose from, the design possibilities are endless with Palladiom. The shade also offers the exclusive Palladiom Bottom Rail, a streamlined hembar style designed to geometrically align with the bracket’s shape.

With a slender 3-inch total profile, Lutron Palladiom shades are designed to fit in any space and blend with any architectural style. Using a high-tech carbon fiber roller tube, Palladiom shades can cover windows up to 12 feet wide by 12 feet tall, and are mounted using solid aluminum brackets in a variety of finishes to complement any design. Palladiom brackets combine superior workmanship with ingeniously hidden technology. Within the bracket, the bracket rings can slide open to reveal space for batteries, programming buttons, and indicator LEDs. The ultra-quiet drive, or motor, of a Palladiom shade is powered by D-cell alkaline batteries and has a lifespan of 3-5 years.

Palladiom Wire Free Shades feature Lutron patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment (IHA), a system designed to synchronize all automated shades in a single room, or in an entire home or building. IHA uses a two-part electronic control system to maintain hembar alignment within1/8” during motion, and at all resting positions. Perfectionists everywhere can enjoy the beautiful view of a room full of shades moving in precision.

Lutron Palladiom Roller Shades are available in sheer, translucent, and room darkening fabrics.

The SaaviShades Difference

Whether you’re in need of privacy, UV protection, or a decorative flare- the SaaviHome team of shade experts has you covered. SaaviHome will lead the way through window measurements, style and fabric selection, installation, programming, and support.